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Gifts For Geeks

Gifts For Geeks

Getting a gift for a geeky friend, lover or sibling isn’t as confusing or hard as it may seem to you, in fact it is very easy. Geeks are a unique breed that need to be studied in their natural habitat, which you would find very interesting. You have to get to know them before you attempt to purchase the right gift for them. Knowing your geek’s passions and  interests before getting the gift will help to make sure that your choice hits its mark.

Everyone loves at least one nerd or geek. You might be one yourself. Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun, especially when you have access to a variety of geek- and nerd-approved items.

Finding it difficult to decide which gift suits your geek best? Here is a list of things geeks would love to get as a gift;

Brain teaser puzzle

Geeks love brainteasers. It is a perfect gift idea for your geek. Pick one from riddles, trivia, quizzes, logic problems and mind puzzles. Yor geek will enjoy solving the puzzles, plus it exercises the brain.

Eye glasses holder

Your geek wold absolutely love this. Buy your geek a beautiful eyeglasses holder. It is perfect for holding the glasses when they are not using it. Eyeglasses holders are perfect for keeping the glasses safe and handy.

Math mug

This is a great gift idea for a geek that loves numbers. Give your  geek’s favorite brew an exponential boost with a math mug made just for the math elite.

Math mug  features equations and formulas that would make your geek’s  high school calculus teacher and friends proud and envious. The math mug is absolutely perfect for number-crunchers and coffee and tea drinkers alike.

Math formula tie

The math formular tie is creative and beautiful, but fpor geeks and that is why you should get ityou’re your geek.

Putting on this tie might just make your geek smarter. The tie is chock-full of numbers, line, symbols, equations, which makes it a great Father's Day or birthday present to your geek lover, father, husband, sibling, son or friend.

Sudoku toilet paper

 Geeks who are sudoku fans will love this. All they do when they are in the toilet is just to pull down the toilet paper and start filling in the sudoku puzzles.

Your geek would have fun even while in the toilet.

Tap wearable keyboard

The wearable keyboard is a bluetooth keyboard that tuns anything you touch into a typing surface. You can tap this keyboard anywhere, from your sofa to your to the kitchen counter. Whatever surface is closest to you and convenient for you.

This gadget is compatible with every phone, tablet  or computer that is bluetooth enabled. It is a oerfect gift for your geek, especially one who loves gadgets.

Video game

Getting a video game for your geek is also a perfect idea. You should get a video game of their favorite movie, for example star wars, wonder woman, Tomb Raider, Harry potter and Game of thrones.

Games Geeks would really love include; Far cry4, Transistor and Titanfall.


Tech geeks love smartphones with very good features like 4k camera, powerful battery,RAM and Iris scanner.

If you want to get a smartphone for your Geek, go for iOhone 7/7plus, Samsung galaxy S7/S7edge, or the OnePlus 3.

Tokyoflash-Space Digits Wrist watch

Geeks love wrist watches, so a nice looking geeky wrist watch will make your geek love you more.  Your geek would love the Tokyoflash-Space digits, which is like an arcade game with 3D tunels. It has a built-in alarm, a 3D animation that palys every 15 minutes and a backlight.

Fiction books

If your geek loves to read, you can get story books from science fictions to adventures. Geeky books like “The time machine”, “The war of the worlds” and ”Robot” are great ideas.



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