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Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is near and you have probably been thinking of what to be this Halloween. If you want to drop your usual funny or scary Halloween look and you want to try out something more creative than a teddy or a witch for Halloween this year, all you have to do is think nerdy!

If you're a nery, or if you've always wanted to be one, then you're gonna want to find nerdy Halloween costumes to make your friends squeal and confuse your neighbors.

If you’re looking for some nerdy Halloween costume ideas, there are a lot of great new nerdy costumes that would make sense this year.

From superhero costumes to your favorite smart phone or TV series protagonists, there are numerous options to satisfy your nerdy life.

Mozilla firefox costume

This is for the internet geeks and those who want to be internet geeks for halloween. Give the impression of a very smart internet geek in this creatie mozilla firefox halloween costume and you will be the talk of the town!

Scrabble board game costume 

People who know how to play scrabble well are smart and intelligent. If you are a geek or you are simply a scrabble expert, why not show off your talent in this perfect halloween costume. Drop the regular scary or funny Halloween look and go nerdy for this year’s Halloween.

Star wars costume

Are you a fan of the science fiction, Star wars? It is time to turn fiction into reality with a Star wars costume.

With the perfect star wars halloween costume, you will find yourself mingling with your favorite characters in a galaxy far, far away.

Calculator costume

This is absolutely perfect for maths geek or anybody who is not good with numbers and wants to feel like a math geek- an opportunity to feel that way this year’s halloween.

A calculator custome for halloween will make you the centre of attention. Atahis year’s halloween will be one you will never forget.

Harry potter costume

There is costume as nerdy as the Harry potter halloween costume. If you love the Harry Potter series, here is a chance to connect with the great wizard, Harry Potter. Wonder what it feels like to have so much power in you? Yow will find out while you are in your costume.

Plus, you just might win the best halloween costume of the year award.

Apple iPhone costume

You can go high-tech with an Apple iPhone Halloween costume  Halloween is a day when it is totally awesome to wear this stuff.

Pokemon costume

The Pokemen costume is a great cute and nerdy Halloween costume for nerdy kids and adults as well. Wether you dress like pikachu, Squirtle or Bulbasaur, you are guaranteed to make a statement with a pokemon costume on Halloween’s day.

Ben10 Halloween costume

If you want to be an out-of-this-world this Halloween, be a Ben 10 character. If you lobe Ben10, you can become a BEN10 character this Halloween.

Robot halloween costume

There is nothing better than a robot costume on Halloween.




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